Cotton Fabric for Needlepainting & Whitework

This is a supreme quality, white cotton muslin fabric with a 200 thread count and a lovely smooth feel. It is a beautiful fabric to stitch on and I can highly recommend it for all my projects, both needlepainting and whitework.  You are purchasing a piece approx 60cm x 1m (24 inches x 40 inches) which allows for approx 6 - 8 pieces of embroidery.

Premium Linen Fabric

This is a superb quality 100% white linen fabric manufactured in Belgium. It is suitable for both needlepainting and whitework embroidery. You are purchasing a piece approx 1m x 75cm (39 x 29.5 inches) wide which will allow you to cut at least 6 pieces or several smaller pieces for your embroidery projects.

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