Help with Ebooks

How do I view my ebook on my tablet/phone

  • You will need an EReader app like Amazon Kindle, iBooks or other on your device.
  • To open EPub on your ipad/tablet click on the download link.  It will open directly to Ibooks/Other.
  • To open PDF on your tablet/PC click on the download link.  It will open in Adobe Acrobat reader/other PDF program.
  • To open Mobi file for Kindle see instructions below.

I am having trouble opening the Mobi file for Kindle on my Ipad?

Apparently this only happens on Apple devices - but you need to save it to Dropbox first.  You will see a download box like this - follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Dropbox account (don’t worry, it’s free).  
  2. Install the Kindle app & Dropbox app onto your iPad (if they aren’t on it already - they are both free).  Ensure you are signed in to Dropbox.
  3. On the download, click Save to Dropbox.
  4. Open Dropbox App and locate file under Recents.  Click SAVE 

     5.  On top right of screen are 3 little rings  ooo.  Click on these and choose  EXPORT.  Then choose OPEN IN. 


          6.  Click on IMPORT WITH KINDLE