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Help By Email

Can I email you for help or to ask your advice on my embroidery?


I am new to embroidery where do I start?

Can you recommend a project to get me started?

Is this embroidery hard to do?

What is the Handbook and why do I need it?

I have your published books do I still need the Handbook?

What materials do I need?

Can you help me with my project?

I cannot find some of the thread brands in my country?

Can you help with matching colours for my own embroidery project?

Can I send you photos of my embroidery?

Do you accept commissions?


What payments do you accept?

How are online payments processed are they secure?

Do I need to create an account?

I don't have Paypal can I pay using my card or pay by bank transfer?

I am having trouble checking out with Paypal?

Can I add to my order?

Can you combine multiple orders?

I ordered something by mistake can I get a refund?

Do you accept returns?

I received the wrong item in my parcel will you send a replacement?

How do I place an order in South Africa?

Can I view the products in my own currency?

I don't speak English can I translate to my own language?

Digital Downloads

Are your patterns available for download?

Can I share my PDF patterns with others?

I don't see the digital patterns for sale?

What is a PDF pattern?

How do I download my PDF pattern?

Can I print out the PDF patterns I download?

I can't find my download?

How many times can I download my pattern?

I dont have a printer how can I print my pattern?

The colours in my project do not look the same when I print them out?

If I buy a PDF pattern do I have to trace my own outline?

I am having trouble downloading my Ebook ?

How do I order a digital download in South Africa?

How are online payments processed for digital items?


Why is there a delay on shipments to Brazil?

Do you ship to my country and what will it cost?

Do I have to wait for my Digital Download to be shipped?

How long will my order take to arrive?

Can I track my order?

Will I have to pay customs duties and taxes on my order?

I gave the wrong address can you change it?

Do you ship by Mail to a post office box?

Why does it cost extra to deliver outside of city limits in Australia or New Zealand?

Product Information

Do the embroidery patterns come with everything I need to stitch the project?

Do your pattern kits include threads?

Where can I buy the materials I need for my project?

Can I use my own fabric or threads for the project?

I don't have a magnifying lamp is it essential?

I don't have a supergrip hoop can I use a wooden one?

How do I use an iron on transfer pattern?

Do you sell your original embroideries?


Where can I purchase your books?

What is the best book for me to learn Needlepainting?

Where can I find information on your books?

Can I buy your books direct from your store?

Are your books available as Ebooks for me to download?

I ordered the Ebook Handbook by mistake and would like to change it for the printed copy?

Are your books available in other languages?

Lessons & Tutorials

Can I do a class or workshop with you?

Do you offer online tutorials & classes?

What is the best way for me to learn this type of embroidery?


Why should I subscribe to your Blog?

How can I subscribe to your blog?

Can you change my email address on your blog?

Do you have projects that we can follow and stitch on your blog?

How can I find an old blog post?

Care & Completion of embroidery

Do you have any suggestions for finishing my embroidery?

Can I wash my embroidery?

My embroidery is puckered can I fix it?

Wholesale, Copyright & Permissions

Do you have a store that I can visit?

Do you offer wholesale?

Do you supply stores in other countries?

Can I share the pattern I purchase with others?

Can I use the pattern I buy to make items for sale or at a market?

Can I use the free patterns to make items for sale?

Can I use your patterns or book projects to teach a class/workshop?

Can i put pictures of your work on my blog or Instagram?